Thursday, 7 November 2013

Gunners finally showing maturity

To begin with, it must be said firstly what a pleasure it was to watch Borussia Dortmund vs Arsenal yesterday evening. The quick passing and fluidity throughout the match was unbelievable from both sides and was a great showcase to all young players of how the beautiful game SHOULD be played. Certainly both Borussia Dortmund and Arsenal will be two clubs every team in the champions league will want to avoid when the knockout stage draw is done.

Over the past decade the Arsenal faithful have seen it all. Seeing their team with the likes of Pires, Henry and Viera establish themselves as the 'unbeatables', reaching the champions league final only to lose the match in the first few minutes of the game, moving to a brand new stadium which consequently restricted finances, having to sell key players like Van Persie and Fabregas and the question which has been hovering around especially in the past few it time for Wenger to go?'. The Arsenal fans could certainly argue that they have been through the mill more than most, especially over the past few years.

It is admirable to see the amount of quality young players Arsenal bring through the ranks. However, due to lack of finances, Arsenal have had to depend almost too heavily on these youngsters, with very little experience and maturity to draw upon. This to me is certainly why Arsenal have been deprived of trophies since the era of the 'unbeatables'. It has almost been drawn on as an excuse from time to time in the past that Arsenal is a young team and needs time to develop, which has tested the patience of the gunners fans over the years. However, achieving champions league football and showcasing an attractive style of play as allowed Wenger to hang on in during the rocky times.

This season's performances, and especially last nights performance over Dortmund, is clear evidence in my mind that the Arsenal youngsters are now showing signs of maturity and are repaying the faith and time given to them by their manager. The likes of Ramsey, Gibbs, Wilshere did not come into the first team as superstars. They have needed time to develop. Each of these players were sent out on loan and then given the opportunity to flourish in the first team, but this development has taken time as Arsenal fans know and now the decision to give these players time to develop is paying off at last. This is why there is so few English talent out there. The english players are not given time to develop on the big stage.

As well as these young players finally flourishing, there is much better communication across the team, especially in the defensive ranks. Arsenal have found a solid partnership in Koscielny and Mertesacker. It was fantastic to see Mertesacker and Arteta having a bit of a 'spat' in last nights match. It showed to me that there is more communication in this Arsenal team. Arsenal seem to have found a talent in Giroud after never really being able to replace Thierry Henry. And of course, every team needs that one match winner who can turn a game around and they certainly found that in Mesut Ozil. There is much better understanding across the team. Most of the players in the team have played with each other for more than one season and the young players certainly do not lack experience anymore. The show of maturity by Arsenal this season is enough to get any Arsenal fan dreaming of trophy finally.

However, the show of maturity is only the first step and Arsenal fans must stop themselves getting too carried away. Arsenal lack depth in their squad and really lacked a player on the bench last night that could come on and turn the game around. Giroud has proved an excellent goal poacher this season and holds the ball up well, but he lacks pace to really go past a player which is crucial in such a fast and furious league as the Premier League. Arsenal have made an excellent start, but I believe the January Transfer Window must be used by Wenger to bring in a lightning-paced striker and a winger who can give Arsenal another tactical option which I feel they lack at the moment. Arsenal must avoid injuries for this new mature Arsenal team to remain consistent throughout the rest of this season.

Let me know what you think of the post guys and whether you agree or disagree. Especially would like to hear from Arsenal fans as i'm only a fan looking from the outside.